Ina Garten’s Father’s Day 2021 menu

Ina Garten has decades of experience in organizing parties. That’s why it’s no surprise that she knows exactly what to do for Father’s Day. The day to celebrate dads is almost here and Garten, or the Barefoot Contessa, has the menu covered. Just weeks after sharing her Memorial Day menu, the cookbook author shared what she’s up to for Father’s Day.

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On June 18, 2021, the Food Network star took to her Barefoot Contessa website to share her choices for a menu for Father’s Day. Garten’s selection? BBQ staples including ribs and coleslaw.

“Baby back ribs and barbecued coleslaw are ‘daddy’s’ dinner par excellence,” she began the post. “But most barbecue ribs are fully cooked on the grill and you have to call the fire department before they’re even ready.”

The bestselling cookbook author went on to say that his ribs are actually baked. “Instead, my foolproof ribs with barbecue sauce are slowly roasted in the oven until tender and delicious, then quickly grilled for just enough smoky flavor.”

“Served with my classic veggie coleslaw and a few beers, you get a perfect dinner to celebrate all the dads who love us,” she added.

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Originally featured in it Barefoot Contessa Infallible cookbook, Garten’s Recipe is an easy version of barbecued ribs. Forget putting ribs on the grill for hours. Garten puts a Barefoot Contessa twist on the ribs and makes the cooking process less complicated. There is no need to check the grill as she makes them inside.

As she mentioned in the article on her website, Garten prepares her foolproof barbecue ribs by roasting them in the oven. Then she throws them on the grill for about 10 minutes – five minutes per side – to get that signature charred and smoky barbecue we’re known for. The recipe also includes instructions for Garten’s homemade barbecue sauce. Although she probably wouldn’t object to a “store bought is good” moment either.

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A classic barbecue accompaniment, Garten’s Vegetable Coleslaw is incredibly easy to prepare. She’s known for having simple Barefoot Contessa Recipes, but Garten’s Coleslaw is ridiculously simple. The food processor, one of his must-have kitchen gadgets, does most of the work.

The food show host uses the food processor to grate cabbage and carrots. So what would have taken a long time to do by hand, Garten’s got grated veg in seconds. The other element of his coleslaw with vegetables is the mayonnaise sauce. She mixes it in a bowl and seasons it before mixing everything. That’s it.

As Garten often says, is it easy? It’s a classic Barefoot Contessa recipe for a reason. In addition, coleslaw can be prepared in advance.

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