How can the retail sector improve its summer revenue?

Summer has started, shopping, buying, eating and playing are must-have themes. Physical stores have started another busy season. How to seize the opportunity to earn money during this golden holiday. How to make their shop stand out in the fierce competition? Now, here’s a flurry of business advice to get the guys going.

◆ Responsible for the image of the store

A small billboard outside the store plays an important role in store drainage. by MAKEN digital signage drawing board, HD brightness screen, between square inches, can accommodate great creativity. Visual images such as product beauty images and promotional activities are presented vividly to realize convenient content reading. Movable caster design, easy to push and store. Set business sense, science and technology, environmental protection as one. Believe that the store has enough to attract consumers’ attention to the existence of a “bright spot”, users do not mind entering the store.

◆ Become the super spokesperson

There is no doubt that digital signage can add a unique atmosphere to a store and make information display more lively. Large-screen vertical advertising machine, the incarnation of the “commentator” of products, new beauty images, details, videos and other media broadcast in real time. Stores are provided with more flexible forms of reading information, and poster information can be easily changed to save time and seize marketing opportunities. Thin, space-saving fuselage; Movable casters for easy movement of position. It can be widely used in catering, retail, hospitality and other industries to achieve the highlight of the store!

◆ Raise awareness and make your product ubiquitous

When customers arrive at the store, wall mounted digital signage is placed in the checkout area and in the visible area of ​​the store, so that users can find it in time at first glance. HD display, vivid and delicate screen, accurate display of products, preferential details. Create a good viewing experience for users. MAKEN’s high-brightness signage products in various sizes are widely used in retail stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Of course, while enjoying the good weather, we should answer the national call, pay attention to epidemic prevention, and wash our hands frequently. MAKEN hand sanitizer advertising machine, advertising display and hand disinfection set in one. Very suitable for restaurants, retailers, shopping malls and other crowded places.

So attractive and full of wisdom, the digital signage solution is a creation that helps your business rise to the top. Hurry to take!

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