Hotel and restaurant associations demand lower LPG prices

The Kerala Hotels and Restaurants Association (KHRA) and the Kerala Catering Association (AKCA) held a protest in Kochi on Wednesday demanding the withdrawal of the price hike for LPG gas cylinders. G Jayapal, Secretary General of State, KHRA, said: “We demand that petroleum products be included in the GST and that the unfair increase in LPG prices be removed. Recently, the price of LPG has been increased by 266 rupees at one time. the last year it has increased by over Rs 1000. It is not affordable. A hotel uses three bottles of LPG per day. The restaurant industry has been in crisis for two years.

He added: “Despite demands on the government to waive the GST, it has taken no action. We will march towards Parliament with all the organizations related to the food industry in the country. “We have very limited options. Either we need to increase the price of food or close the store. We demand that the government immediately reverse the LPG price hike and include petroleum products in the GST. The strike will continue until after. that the demands are met, “he added.

On November 1, the oil companies increased the price of commercial liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders by Rs 266. With that, 19 kg commercial cylinders cost Rs 2,000.50 in Delhi, which previously cost Rs 1,734. . (ANI)

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