Hops & Hounds, a dog-friendly restaurant, has problems with customers abandoning puppies

SAN ANTONIO – Hops & Hounds is a bar and restaurant that caters to dogs and dog owners. With multiple parks, huge outdoor space, cold drinks and food, it’s a good place for dog lovers to spend the day.

The concept of marketing to dog owners, while successful for some, now poses the problem of dogs being left behind at Hops & Hounds.

According to management, on April 16, two dogs were abandoned in one of the parks. After checking with customers and making several advertisements to try and find the owners, it was clear the dogs had been left behind.

This was the third time this had happened in the restaurant’s two years of operation.

“It really sucks. I mean, it’s like a terrible thing to do to a dog. I mean what’s more loyal than a dog? They love you unconditionally and you leave them behind,” said Mark Kanicki.

“If you have a dog, you commit for a long time. So it makes me kind of sad to see people do this because they’re there for us and they love us so much,” Spencer Eggleston said.

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Both men frequent Hops & Hounds with their puppies.

Hops & Hounds general manager Alannah Tellez said for the latest dropout, a customer took the dogs for the weekend.

After being unable to locate the owners, they were taken to Charming Pet Rescue. The other dogs left behind were adopted by another customer and an employee.

“To see these dogs…just confused and sad, I mean they always look so sad every time we pet them or even feed them,” Tellez said. “They just have a sad face and it’s heartbreaking.”

To try to prevent the dogs from being abandoned in the future, the restaurant places security cameras and has an employee monitor the parks.

In case this happens again and no one can adopt the dog, management tells us that they have a close relationship with the humane society.

“It’s frustrating on our end because we’re not a dog shelter. We don’t have the equipment or anything to take care of the dogs,” Tellez said.

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