Here are the Kolkata pubs you can visit on Nabami for a quick drink

If you’re a true blue Bengali by nature, there’s no way you’d want to skip pub crawls with your closest friends and cousins ​​on Nabami night – you and I both know that it is nothing but pure sacrilege. So, if you are still confused about which pub to hit with your loved ones, you have nothing to worry about because we have prepared the best list for you!


You don’t want to miss this amazing paneer tikka from achari.

For most people who grew up in Kolkata in the early 2010s, it was the place that taught them to party. True to its “iconic” title, Shisha is one of the funkiest DJs to play their Durga Puja sets every day, so be prepared to dance the night away. The hardworking team behind Shisha said, “Shisha is known for its Pujo programming and events and we have sold out shows every year. We hope to do the same this year!

Club Fenicia

The delicious dim-er-devil that can blow your mind.

Hosted by the very talented chef Basudev Mallick, Club Fenicia hosts an all-Bengali buffet during the festivities. He said, “We have two dedicated menus on Saptami, Nabami and Shashti, Ashtami respectively. We look forward to attracting large groups of friends and families. We have a huge variety and we are sure that everyone who dines with us will love variety and variety. Pujo has always been a special time for us to show love for locally inspired cuisine and we hope to make it happen.


Known as “Blue & Beyond”, this drink is a combination of gin, blue pea flower and the spirit of Pujo.

Hoppipola or Hoppi as most Calcuttanians would like to call it, is special to many people for many reasons and this time they are going to go even further with special dishes every day of the puja. The special list will feature sizzling grilled bhetki tikka, grilled king prawns, barbecue braised pork belly and blue & Beyond, among others. Chef Aravinda B Poojari says: “At Hoppipola, we always try to offer dishes through the different cuisines of the city. This year we have kept the menu short and simple with fish at the forefront for our consumers.

Warehouse Cafe

Doesn’t the photo itself make you want to dive into this delight?

If you are looking for a place that can transport you to a foreign country just with the help of its charming decor, you have to step into this quaint pub. Curated by Chef Shubhodeep Ray, this year’s special menu includes Nuclear Naan, Kosha Mangsho Cigar Roll, Big Bang Pork Chilli and Keema Ghotala Karari Roti. Chef Ray says, “This Pujo being the first year for us, we aim to reflect a bright exuberance as the high-spirited crowd dwells in a festive mood taking advantage of our warehouse promotions. Speaking about the special menu, he added, “Dipping straight into the celebrations, Warehouse Café, Kolkata has a short but weighted menu! It captures Bengali favorites and ensures that the mood is right for people to come and enjoy the festivities with good food and a great atmosphere.

The spirits

Sounds so tempting, right?

Chef Sachin Verma has selected some of the typical Bengali dishes and incorporated them into the Pujo menu this year. A small bite in this tender magsho (mutton) will warm you up and make you happy. Speaking about the inspiration behind this year’s special, the chef said, “We have a menu inspired by local, home-cooked Bengali dishes. There is something for novices as well as gourmets on the menu! We have kept local delicacies on the menu as we know how craving everyone is for Bengali dishes and snacks or even sweets.

tipsy tiger

This special Puja Agamoni mocktail is constructed in such a way that you feel the touch of amazing basic ingredients as well as most of the ingredients are used for Maa Durga puja.

In a very short time, this place marked the hearts of the participants of the city. The interiors are beautiful and the food is great too, can you think of a better combo? Chef Shakeel Akhter says, “They say every premiere is memorable. Durga Pujo in Kolkata is our first time boarding the Pujo Menu Specials train. We were inspired by customers with varied tastes. From home cooking par excellence to the usual pub grub. We saw the crowds grow and many loyal customers in the outlet and we hope they shower us with love and appreciation for the food as usual.

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