Head for the Mediterranean at the Souk

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – At this week’s Dine in the 419 we head to the Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar, where they specialize in Mediterranean cuisine with a Middle Eastern twist and unique flavors that are out of the ordinary. .

“Eating in a house in the Middle East is always an event, there is only food everywhere,” said the chef and owner of the souk, Moussa Salloukh. “It’s food, food, food.”

Homemade hummus, braised ribs and kafta are just a few of the menu items, but don’t expect your typical Mediterranean cuisine.

“We’re doing the whole Mediterranean here, so we’re going to hit Spain and every corner of the Mediterranean, but with a focus on the Middle East with a hip touch,” Salloukh said.

Salloukh concocts authentic tradition mixed with innovative flavors at the Warehouse District restaurant.

In our segment, we have created one of its flagship applications, Haloomi Cheese.

“It’s a combination of mostly sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, sometimes cow’s milk, it’s just high heat tolerance so you can grill it, you can sauté it.” Salloukh said, tossing chickpeas onto a hot pan, and adding spinach and red wine vinegar to the generous presentation.

Many dishes are also great for sharing a family style.

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