Governor Ige proclaims September “National Preparedness Month”

Photo: Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Luke Meyers. Courtesy of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

Governor David Ige declared September “National Preparedness Month” in response to the difficulties and challenges facing the state and the island. ‘ohana.

Over the past year, tumultuous weather conditions have caused flooding and landslides in several parts of the islands, a heavy blow with Tropical Cyclone Linda and the largest forest fire on record in Hawai County ‘ i with the Mana Road fire, which burned over 40,000 acres and destroyed two homes on the original Hawaiian Lands.

All of these incidents were endured and managed as the people of Hawai’i has also continued to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic which has caused physical and economic distress to our people.

The National Preparedness Proclamation, signed September 1, 2021. Courtesy of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

Becoming more disaster-ready as a state and taking action now to be better prepared as a people is essential for taking care of our family and friends, protecting our beautiful natural resources, strengthening our economy, and ultimately uplifting. all of Hawai’i, Governor Igé said.

“Hawai’i is often threatened by natural disasters during hurricane season and preparedness is key to our survival as a state and as a people. With the addition of COVID-19, it is essential to be vigilant with health and safety in mind, ”Governor Ige said.


During this “National Preparedness Month,” the Hawaiian Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) encourages all Hawaiians to take simple but important steps to prepare for natural and man-made disasters in order to to ensure that all of our communities – from wind to wind, from our keiki to our kūpuna – are prepared for an emergency.


If you haven’t already, sign up for County Alerts on your phone. Make a plan on how to communicate and reconnect with your family, take the time to learn about the dangers you live, work and play in, create an emergency backpack and start building up your water supply and food for 14 days.

“National Preparedness Month” is a call to action, and HI-EMA encourages every business, nonprofit, classroom, religious institution, and household to commit to becoming a more prepared and resilient party. of our Hawaiʻi ʻohana.

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