Furaibo Restaurant Review: Why That Japanese Perth Joint Forced Me To Kiss My Inner Karen

From continental and chicken katsu with kewpie mayo to the proven combo of ham, cheese and good mustard, nothing beats a good old sandwich.

Unless that’s the kind I’m about to make: a compliment sandwich.

If you’ve never built one or received one, the ingredients are two slices of bread that you would order over and over again, but some of the topping tastes a bit awesome.

At Furaibo Izakaya Bar and Restaurant in the CBD, his food is made up of two slices of carby goodness that will leave you warm and hazy.

Glancing furiously at the tables as we made our way to the balcony, we noticed that most of the diners were gnawing at the meats served on sticks.

Camera iconPerthnow review Furaibo Izakaya Bar and Restaurant: the Zaru Soba ($ 14) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Furaibo are known for their Kushiyaki – Japanese-style skewers grilled over white charcoal – and it’s easy to see why.

Starting at $ 3.90, smoked and charred morsels hit the table quickly and can be gobbled up in just a few bites.

We ordered the chicken skin, thigh, breast and bacon (all $ 3.90 each), lamb chop along with scallops ($ 7.50 each) and wagyu ($ 13.90) , the latter being a clear highlight.

The sashimi platter ($ 26) was an edible work of art of three slices of tuna, salmon, and trevally served with spiral daikon, ginger, and wasabi. The sliced ​​seafood was thick enough to enjoy the distinct taste of each piece and served at the perfect temperature.

The dish we were most excited about, the Ika Yaki (charcoal squid, $ 15) was well done but overwhelmed by the flavor of soy rather than anything else.

Never one to go beyond a homemade noodle, Zaru Soba Refrigerated Buckwheat Noodle ($ 14) with a homemade dip, was light with delicate flavors and also beautifully presented.

Perthnow reviews Furaibo Izakaya Bar and Restaurant: the Kushiyaki (brisket and bacon, lamb chop and wagyu).
Camera iconPerthnow reviews Furaibo Izakaya Bar and Restaurant: the Kushiyaki (brisket and bacon, lamb chop and wagyu). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Furaibo’s generous menu is three pages long, the perfect length to try a few dishes from each section, then continue to enrich depending on your appetite… or at least that’s what we thought.

For the funky filling that we prefer to forget.

The service was friendly but sometimes nonexistent.

We sat with a table full of our empty plates looking for more delicious sticks for about 15 minutes, doing the awkward dance of trying to politely get a waiter’s attention to no avail.

At the end I kissed my inner Karen and went inside to ask if we could order more food from the waiters chatting to each other which was done quickly but the stacks of plates remained on our table. Minor, but we were also not offered water when we could see other tables were.

Perthnow Review Furaibo Izakaya Bar and Restaurant: Ika Yaki (charcoal squid, $ 15)
Camera iconPerthnow Review Furaibo Izakaya Bar and Restaurant: Ika Yaki (charcoal squid, $ 15) Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Like any good sandwich, however, it was overall a tasty dinner in my mouth and I would go back and tentatively try again.

Furaibo Izakaya Bar-Restaurant

Address: Raine Square, 300 Murray Street, Perth.

Verdict: While the service was friendly but often inattentive, this conveniently located two-story restaurant in the CBD has an extensive menu of dishes you’ll want one from everyone, especially the well-priced Kushiyaki.


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