Floods in India: at least 35 dead after heavy rains in the south of the country

Flash floods triggered by constant heavy rains have killed at least 32 people in Andhra Pradesh, according to the state government. Rainfall began late last week, submerging highways and roads, completely isolating some villages and blocking access to food and water, CNN affiliate CNN News18 reported.

At least 30 people are still missing, officials said.

Relief efforts in Andhra Pradesh continue with 16 national and state teams deployed to evacuate stranded residents, officials said. Nearly 58,000 people were evacuated from their homes to 294 relief camps in the state, they added.

In neighboring Karnataka state, at least three people have died, disaster management official Tushar Giri Nath said on Monday.

“People mainly reside with their relatives. We organize their food,” Nath said, adding that 150 houses had been damaged by the rain.

The precipitation was triggered by cyclonic circulation in the Arabian Sea and areas of low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, according to the Indian Meteorological Department. It is likely to move to the south coast of the state of Tamil Nadu in the coming days, he added.

Rainfall in the region is expected to decline over the next few days, but is expected to resume later in the week, according to the department.

Some parts of southern India have recently experienced episodes of extremely heavy rains.

Earlier this month, heavy rains in Tamil Nadu killed at least 16 people, while many parts of the state capital, Chennai, were inundated, Reuters reported. Government officials have used pumps to drain water in some communities where residents were stranded to the waist, he added.

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