“Every vehicle deserves a spa day.” Owensboro Auto Spa offers a full range of detailing and customization services

Owensboro Automotive Spa | Photo by John Kirkpatrick

“Every vehicle deserves a spa day.” That’s the motto of James Ratliff and his team of specialists at Owensboro Auto Spa and Ceramic Coatings. Ratliff launched the company in 2019, which offers the latest detailing, protection, custom auto, ceramic coating and window tinting services.

Ratliff is no stranger to the automotive industry, having grown up in his father’s machine shop on the corner of Frederica and 24th Street. His family was also active at Windy Hollow Speedway and operated the NASCAR Pit Shop, a traveling truck that sold memorabilia at various NASCAR races.

“Cars are a huge part of my journey, and this business is a great way to honor my family,” he said. “We operate as a family and strive to create a family atmosphere. We are laid back and always want to go above and beyond for our customers. »

The auto spa traces its humble beginnings to Ratliff’s Driveway, where cars often used multiple parking spaces. His wife Karissa was impressed by the volume but unhappy with the number of automobiles surrounding the house and suggested he “do something”.

In May 2019, he got a small location at 914 Oglesby Street and started the adventure with just one other employee. The exponential success forced him to expand the current location and significantly increase his staff.

“Our goal has always been to evolve into a one-stop-shop, much like when you go to the spa for pampering,” Ratliff said. “Everything is done in one place; that’s always been our theory. We can do any type of customization, from graphics and ground effects to stereo and audio system installations.

Car detailing services offer both interior and exterior options and range, starting with a standard package and upgrades to premium and ultimate options. Ratliff is keen to maintain the boutique’s family-oriented, service-oriented atmosphere by meeting the needs of every customer, regardless of their mode of transportation.

“All vehicles deserved to be treated like a Porche or a Lamborghini, which is what we learned to do here,” he said. “We want to make your day better. We want your visit here to be welcoming and not intimidating. We want to make everyone’s day better by providing superior service and a fresh, clean car that’s even better than when you bought it.

For a more detailed list of services with descriptions, visit www.owensboroautospa.com.

Another way Ratliff and his company go above and beyond is to provide vehicle pick-up and drop-off services. They’ll visit your workplace, pick up your car, service it, and return it before the end of the workday.

They also offer discounts to medical professionals, teachers, police officers and other government officials. During the pandemic, they began providing self-disinfection services to medical professionals and law enforcement, a service they continued.

Services are not limited to vehicles. Owensboro Auto Spa will detail everything from boats and motorcycles to ATVs and farm vehicles.

“It was my dream, my vision, and it went from there. We are very proud of what we do. I hold all of my guys to a very high standard,” Ratliff said. “The community has responded positively to us, and we are happy to be able to continue to provide service and give back.”

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