Dr. Suborno Bose, founder of the IIHM explains how the pandemic has transformed the concepts of hospitality education and how the IIHM is adapting to change

NEW DELHI, September 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The IIHM has always believed that the realm of hospitality extends far beyond hotels and restaurants. Students graduating from hospitality training institutions can find new career prospects in various avenues such as travel and tourism, event management, health, aviation, banking, real estate, ocean liners. cruise, retail and many other industries. Likewise, IIHM also provides its students with entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise so that students can also consider starting their own business after completing the course.

Dr. Suborno Bose, President and Chief Mentor of IIHM, had long discussed possible career options for students graduating from hospitality training institutes. Today, the pandemic has only increased opportunities for hospitality graduates and the IIHM is paving the way for training students and preparing them for the industry. Dr Bose believes the post-pandemic world will create opportunities for aspiring industry and demand a better understanding of areas that are becoming more and more important these days, such as technological advancements in the hospitality industry. .

The pandemic has affected every industry and the hospitality industry has been the fastest to respond to the changes taking place in the world. The inherent resilience and adaptability of the industry was revealed in the pandemic situation. Major hotel brands are also evolving in areas such as operations, resulting in leaner and more profitable structures. There is more technological integration in these brands and they are becoming more and more innovative.

The post-pandemic world will create unexpected new avenues for hospitality students. Industry will demand a better understanding of areas such as technology solutions, low response service models, disaster management, active operational planning and emergency backup. With such demands, the need for professional hospitality skills will only increase. Therefore, education will also need to equip students with skills that will make them more efficient and ready for the future. The hospitality industry as a profession will continue to be dynamic, demanding and exciting.

Hospitality education includes a lot of hands-on training and exposure and IIHM provides both to ensure the holistic development of students. While the IIHM trains them to enter the workforce in various industries, it also encourages them to start their own businesses in the field of interest to them. It also has a special cell for the development of entrepreneurs called SAHAS. It is basically a corporate fund from which students who are really motivated to start their own business can be allocated venture capital. They must submit a practical and achievable business model in order to benefit from SAHAS facilities.

The pandemic situation left many young people wondering what they would do in their careers. However, many IIHM students started their own businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and are still running their businesses successfully. IIHM provides an enabling environment and a support system where students feel inspired and confident to turn their dreams and ideas into reality.

The IIHM has created a corpus fund through an initiative called SAHAS. The idea is to encourage students to start their own business and IIHM will support their idea through SAHAS. This initiative motivated many students to innovate during confinement and to create their own start-up.

The skills most in demand in today’s market are soft skills. Numerous research publications and thinkers have predicted that the post-pandemic world will certainly place more emphasis on soft skills. It means a lot of upgrading of human skills which are also so important in the hospitality industry.

IIHM helps students understand and harness the power of soft skills. As these students chart their career paths, these soft skills will become a major determining factor for their future and make them resilient and adaptable, develop the ability to change mindsets, tackle uncertainties and establish trust. These traits will help them both in the short and long term as they explore new opportunities and avenues in the post-pandemic world.

Throughout the pandemic, the IIHM has tried to motivate students, faculty as well as employees. Maintaining close and constant contact with students to understand their needs and challenges helps them stay connected to education and campus activities through online support. Last year, the inter-college festival organized by IIHM, Rigolo, was held on the online platform where students were encouraged to participate and show their talent.

When the first wave hit in 2020 and the entire country went into lockdown, the IIHM was one of the first institutions to decide to continue the education process through online support. Since we had our technology in place, we could start classes right away. However, Dr Bose pointed out that IIHM has experience with virtual courses, as several international chefs and hospitality experts have often taken online courses in the past. So this was another opportunity to explore new age learning practices.

The common misconception that hospitality is only related to hotels is clarified and this is how IIHM advances its education. There is a world of opportunity awaiting hospitality students and IIHM constantly motivates students to explore more business and entrepreneurial opportunities. Hospitality students are sought after in various industries such as travel, event management, banking, healthcare, high-end real estate, luxury retail, aviation, cruises and many more. others. These jobs include a variation of tasks and also allow for innovation and personal interaction. Culinary students also learn the entrepreneurial and business sense which gives them the foundations that prepare them for future ventures.

IIHM’s vision is to take hospitality education to a whole new level that will prepare today’s students for the industries and businesses of tomorrow. Lead change and prepare students for the new normal that has changed the world forever over the past two years. Explore the possibilities of hospitality education, which is why the FIIHM scholarship program which includes all pillars and industry experts who will advise and share their industry experiences with students was launched. A tourism research center which is the need of the hour is also planned so that hotel education merges with tourism studies.

DR Suborno Bose, CEO of IIHM Hotel School, leads the institution head-on aiming and adapting education to the new normal which is also the need of the hour.

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About the IIHM

IIHM (International Institute of Hotel Management) is the largest chain of leading hotel and hospitality management schools across India who began his journey in 1994 at Calcutta. The IIHM is part of the Indismart group, the conglomerate that operates the Indismart hotels. The campuses of the IIHM are located in ten national and international cities with the associated institute IAM-IHM located at Calcutta, and Guwahati. Students leaving the IIHM are armed with an international diploma from the University of West London and equipped with global hospitality skills that allow easy placements in any hotel brand across the globe. The IIHM is dedicated to its pursuit of excellence in teaching and internship. Real-time experience is the key to hospitality success and that’s what makes the institute popular. In recent years, the IIHM has been instrumental in organizing the world’s largest culinary Olympiad, the Young Chefs Olympiad, with the participation of over 50 countries, a unique idea and initiative inviting young people culinary talents from around the world. It has memoranda of understanding with over 50 countries for student and faculty exchanges, bringing the best of education to its students around the world.

The institute has won several prestigious awards over the past 24 years. The list includes the Economic Times Best Education Brand award consecutively in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. It has also been featured in Forbes magazine as the Great Indian Institute and Great Place to Study consecutively over the years. years 2018 – 2019 and 2019 – 2020. IIHM was also ranked among the biggest brands and leaders in the world 2015-16 by URS International (IMEA – Process Reviewer PriceWaterhouseCoopers PL) and also received the award for the best institute in hospitality education 2017 awarded by Assocham by Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, Hon’ble Minister of State for HRD (Higher Education), Govt. from India.

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