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SEDONA, Arizona., December 28, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Today, Douglas wyatt announces the publication of his first book, “Holy Cow: The Miracle of Life’s First Food”. The goal of Wyatt’s new book is to introduce bovine colostrum to wellness-conscious people who may experience leaky gut or face long-term immune issues.

In the book, Wyatt explores the historical use of colostrum and milk from ancient Egypt to the present day, and recounts his unlikely path to rediscovering bovine colostrum as he searches for answers for his ailing wife, Kay.

With an explosive crisis of chronic and autoimmune diseases in Western societies, Wyatt highlights the role of colostrum in stopping leaky gut, preventing the passage of toxins from the gut to the rest of the body, and reducing blood loss. Inappropriate inflammatory reactions over time, contribute to disease, debilitation, and premature death.

“Desperation is a great tool to lead to discovery,” said Douglas wyatt, research director of the Vibrant Life Initiative. “My love for Kay and the desire to help her heal inspired my tenacity in bringing bovine colostrum to more people. It is my lifelong dream to educate as many people as possible about the root causes of the disease. and the healing qualities of the first mammalian food source, colostrum. “

Bovine colostrum has established itself as an effective nutritional supplement with many applications, and Wyatt’s book offers sustainable health solutions.

Pocket editions of the retail novel for $ 19.95 and an e-book edition is available through Amazon Kindle for $ 6.95.

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On Douglas wyatt

Douglas Alan Wyatt is part of United States’ pioneering authorities on the use of bovine colostrum for human and animal health, having been unofficially named “The Modern Father of Colostrum”. He is well known for his work supporting the use of bovine colostrum as a gastrointestinal and immune health supplement for the prevention and management of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. He is also responsible for establishing the gold standard in the manufacture of colostrum supplements and credited with reintroducing bovine colostrum for human consumption. Dr. Wyatt believes that colostrum’s unique and potent healing bioactives hold incredible promise in turning the tide in the prevention and treatment of the growing global epidemic of chronic disease and may now have a role to play in emerging deadly pathogens. My. Wyatt is also a veteran, having served as a marine helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.

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