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South Florida is full of great dining options, and picking just one isn’t easy…but why choose, when there are food thefts, Deco’s Lynn Martinez takes a bite out of.

Catch croqueta flights, not feelings, from Dos Croquetas.

Liz Fernandez: “We actually have 10 flavors of croquetas, and you can create your flights to taste every little bite.”

The flights are available in six, eight, or 12, and you can mix and match any flavor.

Liz Fernandez: “Our great, ready made, different is our 305 croquetas, one of our most popular. It is made with picadillo, Cuban picadillo, sweet plantains and cheese.

They even have Mexican street corn and macaroni and cheese croquetas, so everyone can have a little something to their liking.

Sofia Moreno: “We ordered a flight of croquetas, so we could try the new flavors and enjoy everything they have.”

How about a chip on the old guac at Tacocraft?

Denise Kasprik-Wise: “Tacocraft is a taqueria inspired by East Los Angeles. We have a variety of different tacos for everyone to enjoy.

They even have different flavors of guac to sample…but instead of having one, why not have them all with their guacamole flights?

Denise Kasprik-Wise: “The tropical guacamole has a bit of a South Florida feel to it with our fabulous local mangoes, dragon fruit, tangerine. It’s just a little sweet with a little spice.

Dinner: “My favorite guacamole was the tropical. I thought it was very unique and very tasty.

Or, if they’re “bacon” you’re crazy with all the choices, you can’t go wrong with their bacon and corn guac.

Denise Kasprik-Wise: “It’s definitely a smoky flavor. It also kicks our traditional guacamole. “

Ricardo Braga: “Let’s Chill Homemade Ice Cream is an ice cream shop that focuses on ice cream in small quantities. We make fresh ice cream every day right here in our store in Coral Springs.

And you won’t believe how many flavors they have.

Ricardo Braga: “We currently have 32 flavors, but we have a few that are changing. Now, with the seasons approaching, we are adding a few more.

Now that’s a lot to choose from, but they’ve made it a little easier to narrow down your choices with their ice cream flights.

Ricardo Braga: “The customer can choose four different flavors and work their way through our menu.”

Mix and match between their regular menu or classics like vanilla, cookies and cream, and their alcohol-infused scoops.

Ricardo Braga: “We have the margarita, we have Baileys Island, the raisin rum and we have a landslide right now as a flavor rotation.”

Shannon Gray: “I really liked the dose of alcohol, because I had never had it before.”

Dos Croquetas
10505 SW 40th St.
Miami, Florida 33165

Tacocraft – Taquerias and tequila bars

Let’s Chill Homemade Ice Cream
9739 W Example route
Coral Springs, Florida 33065

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