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MOUNT VERNON – The 40th anniversary of the Food For The Hungry campaign has brought together Knox County residents, businesses, schools and organizations to help fight food insecurity.

These collective efforts resulted in donations totaling $ 257,538 and 26 trucks full of food and the total continues to grow.

Community members came together again this year to support food aid projects and provide emergency services to clients through Interchurch Social Services, The Salvation Army and other organizations d County of Knox Food Aid.

On Friday, December 10, volunteers staffed 12 different collection points across the county to collect food and cash, while local media combined to produce an eight-hour live radio show and live broadcast. direct.

During the show, FFTH announced 19 grants totaling $ 38,000 to county projects involving food aid.

Grants of $ 2,000 went to:

Byron Saunders Foundation, Knox County Chapter

Pantry of the central Christian church

Community Hunger Awareness Mobile Pantry (CHOMP)

Pantry of the Church of the Alliance

First Congregational Church of Christ Hot Meal Program

Fredericktown United Methodist Church, Peace Meal Program

The Freedom Center, nutrition program in recovery

Knox County Quarry Center Pantry

Knox County Task Force for Seniors

Knox Learning Center, Hungry For Knowledge Project

Lifepoint Church, Backpacks of Hope

New Directions Project, Hunger Needs After Hours

North Bend Brethren Church

Saying a prayer Ministries / In Joy Food Pantry

Rising church pantry

The fathers table, the pantry and the hot meal

TouchPointe Resources on Marriage and Family

Here are some other exciting totals!

The Knox County Elementary School collection was housed by the Psi Iota Xi Sorority. The students collected $ 16,786.54 and 12,686 food items!

Centerburg 1,842 food items and $ 2,436.65

Danville 732 food products and $ 1,045.00

East Knox 1,384 food items and $ 1,358.00

Fredericktown 1,576 food items and $ 2,495.86

Columbia 979 food products and $ 1,060.00

Dan Emmett 1,045 food items and $ 241.00

Est 667 food items and $ 1,348.00

Pleasant Street 844 food items and $ 485.00

Mount Vernon Middle School 760 food items and $ 1,731.00

St. Vincent de Paul 425 food items and $ 532.00

Twin Oak 1,021 food items and $ 1,571.00

Wiggin Street 1,051 food items and $ 2,075.00

The Learning Center 361 food products and $ 186.00

The Knox County High School Collection was a huge success. Local high schools raised a total of $ 11,382.53 and 7,841 food items! That is 6.28 trucks!

Volunteer Shawn Dugan was our high school collection and competition coordinator.

Centerburg High School: 213 food items and $ 105.00

Danville high school: 201 food items and $ 152.25

East Knox High School – 1 food truck

Fredericktown High School: $ 1,464.07

The Knox County Career Center: $ 8,119.21 and 6,951 food items (5.57 food trucks)

1. Lab with the most articles overall — Auto Tech Lab

2. Laboratory that provided the most food products (no cash) – Landscape design and management laboratory

3. Winner of Penny Battle — Landscape Design and Management Laboratory

Mount Vernon High School: 476 food items and $ 1,542.00

The best competition collecting schools in Central Knox County and Greater Knox County are recognized and awarded with multi-year traveling plaques to recognize their accomplishments and contribution to the FFTH.

The 2021 Central Knox County Award goes to the Knox County Career Center.

The 2021 Grand Knox County Prize goes to Fredericktown.

New this year to celebrate FFTH’s 40th anniversary, a very special category has been created for the next most collector high school after the two winning schools: All-Knox Runner-up Category – Mount Vernon High School

The Kenyon Snowflake Gala continues to be a significant contributor to FFTH. In another year with multiple challenges, the gala fundraiser totaled $ 80,860! Kenyon presented this year’s William A. Stroud Jr. Award for Community Service to the people of Knox County.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University presented the Stephen W. Zelkowitz Memorial Award to Kathy Brechler of Kenyon College. Kathy was honored for her many years of service helping coordinate the Kenyon Snowflake Gala and other collections in Kenyon. We honor his incredible commitment and passion for the annual FFTH Drive.

Fredericktown Christmas Walk – $ 9,356.87

Mount Vernon Dental & SuperQ 93.7 WQIO – $ 4,668.00 and a quarter food truck

Knox Community Hospital $ 9,900.00 and ¾ food truck

Knox County Service Club Competition – $ 3,515.00

Mount Vernon Nazarene University Faith Works Program – $ 2,306.09

Turkey Trot $ 1,034 and 264 food items

Battle of the Cafes: $ 1,881.59 and 31 food items

Folkfest (Foodstock) – $ 1,050.00 and 115 food items

Fire and Ice – $ 1,270.00 and 205 food items

Centerburg Wreath Auction: $ 90.00.

The Knox County Career Center Online Silent Auction – $ 3,542.00.

One event continues through December 30, with the Festival of Trees at the Floral Valley Community Center in Apple Valley, continuing through December 30.

Red Rover Marathon – 70 food items and $ 130.00

Interchurch Branch – 27 food items and $ 784.29

Hometown Market: 87 Food Items and $ 251.00 Total:

Interchurch Branch – 26 food items and $ 497.00

Hometown Market – 23 food items and $ 74.00

BellStores – 29 food items and $ 146.00

The village market – 0.6 food truck (just over half a truck) and $ 4,618.00

Aldi – .4 food truck (just under half a truck) and $ 99.00

Kroger – .75 food truck (2/3 truck) and $ 420.00

Lanning’s Foods – 0.35 truckload of food (just over ¼ truck) and $ 438.00

Baker’s IGA – 0.6 load of food (just over half a truck)

Lowes – .25 food truck (1/4 truck) and $ 1,153.00

Wal-Mart Supercenter – 0.75 load of food (2/3 truck) and $ 1,790.00

The Knox Memorial – Lots of Food and $ 8,014.00

Thank you for doing your part to fight hunger in our community! You can stay up to date on photos, radio interviews, videos and more at The video archive of Saturday’s show is also available on in the on-demand tab and will be available for a full year.

Food For The Hungry, celebrating 40 years of working together to take care of our neighbors.

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