Culinary fairs urged Indian students to cook the perfect ‘rare’ and with the right shade of lemon seasoning

Thanks to shows like Master Chef, food isn’t just what you eat at home, but it’s also how you prepare and cook it on time. To complete these skills, many students have taken courses in hotel and restaurant management. Now that the results of the Maharashtra Joint MAH – CET BHMCT Hotel Management Catering Technology Entrance Test for 2021 have just been released, FPJ has decided to check out the food space students and professors.

Sonali Jadhav, 53, director of AISSMS College of Hotel Management (Pune) for more than 11 years, says television shows and food-focused programs are gaining more and more attention. “Nowadays people are more and more interested in hotel management and more and more students seem to apply every year. Anyone with the necessary skills and certifications can find a job in hotel management, unlike other industries.

When asked about the male-to-female ratio in hotel management courses, she said that around 40% female and 60% male, which is surprising given that societal norms make cooking a more female specialty. “As a service industry, a cheerful attitude is required. Despite this, the industry requires a high level of technical knowledge. While manufacturing can be brought here, IT skills are needed to run hotels today. To be successful, you need to be kind to others and open to new ideas. Next comes devotion, hard work, and intelligent judgment. You are in good shape if you have all three, ”replied the manager, adding that hoteliers are in a great situation right now. So a huge victory for students all over the world including India. “

The FPJ also spoke with students in hotel management. Soniya Ghadge, 21, said she had developed her abilities to cook better and plan better and it was after grade 10 that she undertook intense two-month management coaching. “It’s a mix of the two that you learn – the culinary side and also the management,” she explained.

“I grew up watching my mother prepare food. “Learning the physics of the kitchen was fascinating,” said Shantanu Shivarkar, 21, also a hotel management student. Asked about preparation, Shantanu said that MAH – CET BHMCT needs focus and attention and cannot be taken lightly. “I started preparing for the exam in grade 11. The sections of the exam include verbal, logical, current and written comprehension, so you need to be fully prepared in all departments to achieve good results.

A common misconception about hotel management is that it is all about the kitchen. Despite the fact that cooking is an integral part of it, Shantanu said managing the food industry and people is as much about hotel management as it is about food. What comes on the plate takes hours of backend work.

The pandemic has derailed many internship plans for students. Shantanu was leaving for his next internship in France but could not because of the pandemic.

MAH-CET results for Bachelor of Hotel Management

The MAH-CET results for the Bachelor of Hotel Management Catering Technology were announced just one day ago. The flow offers immense reach for those who want to get started in the kitchen – whether it’s backend management or just being a chef and cooking. The FPJ spoke with a student, Kritika Anne Magima, who has done many study placements in India and abroad to get a feel for what the industry has to offer.

In a freewheeling zoom interaction, Kritika revealed the joys and pressures of pursuing this rather delicious line.

“As a result, at the age of 17, I decided to take up a profession in hotel and food management,” Kritka said when asked why she chose hospitality management. I was confident in my research and restoration skills, and I enjoyed discovering foods from different nations. As a result, I made a decision at the age of 17. So I informed my relatives that I had made my decision and that science was no longer a possibility for me. When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor, and both of my parents were enthusiastic and supported the idea. They constantly pushed me to pursue my dreams, whether big or small. And it is thanks to their encouragement that I got into hotel management. “

Kritika also spoke about her preparation experiences. There are several tests available, such as the HMI, which has the National Hotel Management Board. In Maharashtra there is also an exam called MAH CET BHMCT. “The questions are situational and they include everything we learned in class 10,” Kritika continued.

Although it is a broader spectrum, hotel management includes front office and cleaning. Kritika adds that he also integrates engineering, marketing, food and beverage, with cooking on top of that. After graduating from Amity International School in Noida in 2016, she continued her studies at the VM Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education in Goa, where she also completed her internship. She also mentioned that she is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Roches in Switzerland. When asked for advice for beginners, she said, “The younger generation has a lot of enthusiasm and desire.” If they want to work in the sector, they must continue. Along with these two ideas, discipline is essential if you want to accomplish anything. “

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Posted on: Sunday October 24, 2021, 11:05 am IST

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