Compass Group Hong Kong Promotes Gigi Lau to Head of Marketing and Sustainability

Compass Group Hong Kong has promoted Gigi Lau (pictured) to the head of marketing and sustainability, according to its LinkedIn.

She joined the company three and a half years ago as a Marketing Manager. Lau is positioned as a marketing expert in the F&B industry with experiences in restaurants and bars. In her current role, she now has experience in corporate catering services and says on her LinkedIn that she is thrilled to be part of the journey with other partners “for a more sustainable future”.

Prior to joining Compass Group, she was Marketing Manager at Joyin Group, responsible for planning and implementing marketing strategies for three outlets including Billidart Restaurant Bar, Evelyn’s Garden and For For Cafe. She added that her goal is to bring innovative ideas and delicious food to customers and to pursue the success of “eating for a sustainable future”. She also believes in the importance of branding.

Founded in 1994, Compass Group Hong Kong is a subsidiary of Compass Group and has since had a significant footprint in the education, business and industry, and healthcare segments under the brand names CHARTWELLS, EUREST and MEDIREST respectively. In June 2011, Compass Group Hong Kong acquired Shing Hin Catering Group, where it is an active player in institutional catering specializing in Chinese and Western cuisines and other regional and continental dishes.

According to the company’s website, Compass Group Hong Kong operates in more than 70 customer locations, such as offices of market leaders as well as large-scale international schools and universities with more than 1,100 employees in Hong Kong. He also said that with its global presence in the catering industry, Compass Group Hong Kong is able to continuously bring innovative catering concepts to local customers around the world.

In May of this year, advertising and marketing veteran Rosalynn Tay also assumed the role of national general manager of food service and support company Compass Group. She is responsible for ensuring that food solutions for institutional clients in business, industry and education are in line with market trends and changing consumer habits.

Tay joined the company after her stint at Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts where she spearheaded growth and demand for the Banyan Tree Group globally in her role as Senior Vice President of growth and demand.

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