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In the modern world, we tend to want to know where our food comes from, which has a huge impact on professional kitchens. For decades, food suppliers have sat on one side and distribution channels (restaurants, etc.) have been sitting on the other. However, the big wholesalers in the middle have traditionally crushed producers with price and payment delays. Commercial kitchens can avoid this by going directly to the food producer. But they can’t handle hundreds of direct relationships. It was impossible. On the Internet.

Collective food is a new startup that is approaching this with a new perspective on the food supply chain model. Obtain products directly from suppliers, freeing up price advantages for suppliers and buyers. Its competitors include Brakes, Bidfood and Transgourmet.

Currently raised £ 12million / $ 16million in a Series A round led by VNV Global with existing investors such as VisVires New Protein (VVNP), Octopus Ventures, Norrsken VC and Partech, Colle Capital, Mustard Seed. I go. Frontline Ventures was the first investor in 2017.

Launched in 2019, Collectiv is present in the UK and France. It works by sourcing directly from producers and delivering them directly to professional kitchens without the intervention of wholesalers. Customers include restaurants, hotels, catering companies, meal kit companies, and dark kitchens. The company says this approach produces 50% less CO2 emissions, better prices, fresher products, transparency, traceability and more reliable services than traditional delivery methods.

Customers include Big Mamma Group, The Hush Collection, Dirty Bones, Megan’s, Crussh, Butchies, Cocotte, Tossed and Fresh Fitness Food.

Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi, founder of Collectiv, said in a statement: Cities that have air pollution regulations that limit large amounts of cargo. The post-covid hospitality industry is keen to improve its margins, but the availability of staff to facilitate this internally is limited. Combined with an innovative model, we aim to become a world leader in food distribution as well as a European leader in the years to come. “

Björn von Sivers, Chief Investment Officer at VNV Global, said:

In his former profession as a chartered accountant, Hibbert-Garibaldi discovered Collective’s business model after investigating one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains and its food wholesale business, primarily for violations of the Code of Conduct. .. Behavior with suppliers. “I quickly realized that the food supply chain was broken, too opaque and prone to errors, and ultimately not benefiting any aspect of the market,” he said. It was.

He was absorbed by his passion for French and Italian cuisine, quit his job and spent months in the restaurant kitchen to understand the issues they were facing. Their food comes from there and they reliably and sustainably receive these products whenever they need them. We used it to create a case study to reach out to investors and start a business. “

It’s still unclear whether Collectiv can expand or remove pieces of the vast food supply chain industry, but if it’s about attracting both suppliers and distributors, it’s worth it. to note. It will be very interesting.

Collectiv Raises $ 16 Million Series A to Connect Food Producers Direct to Kitchens – TechCrunch Source Link Collectiv Raises $ 16 Million Series A to Connect Food Producers Direct to Kitchens – TechCrunch

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