Citizen of Conejos County | SLV Health enters contract with Aramark for foodservice

ALMOSA — In the spring of 2022, the delivery of food services at SLV Santé will be enhanced by a new partnership with Aramark.

Aramark is an industry leader in providing dietary services. They specialize in providing nutrient and calorie rich diets that help meet nutritional guidelines for patients and guests.

The Aramark team is committed to investing heavily in local operations, improving technologies such as remote temperature recording, new tableware, new IT systems, and new ordering and catering platforms .

This venture will allow for greater purchasing power, which will allow the hospital to save on food costs while expanding meal options.

“At some point we would like to offer new individual stations for sandwiches, stir-fries, or even individual pizzas,” said Zach Weiderspon, SLV Health Senior Administrator for Conejos County Hospital. “Many employees have expressed a desire to bring back the salad bar, which we are excited to offer in the near future.”

Additionally, the plan is to maintain popular theme days such as Southwestern Foods which incorporate green and red chili. Finally, the coffee service will be enhanced by offering premium coffee options, which will be available free of charge to visitors and staff at any time of the day or night.

Adam Lawrence, director of clinical nutrition at SLV Health, has been heavily involved in the transition to ensure the needs of the clinic are met. Many patients face restricted diets due to varying health conditions.

Lawrence’s job is to work with the hospital’s food service team to develop the appropriate therapeutic diets for patients.

“Aramark is a company with a lot of expertise and experience in the restaurant industry and will be a great addition to our local team. The professionalism and support are already evident in the work being done to facilitate this transition. I think patients and staff will be surprised at the quality and options that Aramark will be able to offer. I look forward to working with them further and improving the patient and staff experience at San Luis Valley Health,” said Lawrence.

Greg Pahr, District Manager of Aramark, spoke about the partnership with SLV Health and how it will benefit patients and guests, with technology to collect instant feedback and suggestions.

“Aramark has retained and trained the local team, so customers will continue to see familiar faces,” Pahr said. “We will launch innovative programs aimed at improving the customer and customer experience. This transformation first begins with extensive training and engagement with frontline staff. »

Aramark was recently named one of the best companies for its focus on employment equity. The company received two awards for its achievements in diversity, equity and inclusion, with a focus on LGBTQ+ workplace equality and disability inclusion. Employees may be eligible for continuing education certificates, all paid for by Aramark.

Weiderspon helped lead this transition by working closely with the cafeterias at the Regional Medical Center and Conejos County Hospital.

The leaders of Aramark and SLV Health have dedicated time, resources and passion to this strategic partnership. The two organizations are committed to a long and productive relationship.

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