Chicago Street pub expects hundreds to visit during parade

JOLIET, IL – Friday marks the return of Joliet’s Light Up the Holidays Parade, which means several thousand people will gather along the Chicago Street Parade route – people who are hungry and thirsty. And that’s where Mike and Kathy Trizna come in.

They have owned the Chicago Street Pub for 17 years.

The city of Joliet’s annual Christmas parade, always the day after Thanksgiving, draws huge crowds to the Chicago Street Pub. During Monday’s interview with Joliet Patch, Mike Trizna predicted that the Chicago Street Pub will have between 300 and 400 guests throughout the night.

“It could absolutely be more,” Trizna remarked. “Everyone is here on this day because they want to have a good time.”

Seventeen years. The Chicago Street Pub has been run by the Triznas for 17 years.

“We have to do something right since we’ve been here for 17 years,” he said. “Kathy and I firmly believe that there is no real competition. The more businesses downtown, the better for everyone. We all get along, we try to work together. “

The Chicago Street Pub offers 21 beers on tap and “50 other cans and bottled beers,” Trizna said. “We have a lot of hyper-local beers.”

Examples of craft beers include products from Will County Brewing, Metal Monkey, and the gold-winning Mango is Our Middle Name beer brewed in Wilmington.

The Chicago Street Pub is ready for a huge turnout during the city’s Friday Night Parade. There are plenty of specials aimed at families with kids, including mini corn dogs, grilled cheese and chicken fingers, burgers, cheeseburgers, and poor boys.

For those 21 and over, the Chicago Street Pub will serve “adult drinks such as hot chocolate and Baileys”.

“We are going through hundreds of them,” Trizna predicted.

The event will feature ceremonial tree lighting with Mayor Bob O’Dekirk in Van Buren Square at 5:15 pm Parade begins at 5:30 pm File / John Ferak / Patch

Over the past few months, the Chicago Street Pub has updated its restaurant menu, adding several new selections. The Chicago Street Pub now uses Whittingham Meats, a small butcher’s shop in Alsip, for their corned beef, Italian beef and strip loin steaks, Trizna said.

The novelties of its menu are:

  • Gouda Bacon and Macaroni Bites for appetizers
  • Rueburger (Le Maz) which is topped with a pile of thinly sliced ​​corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut.
  • Two New Specialty Salads: Judge Anderson’s Cobb Salad and Mediterranean Salad
  • Tavern Beef Fondant Sandwich
  • Beef bacon and cheddar sandwich
  • The Don sandwich (Italian cold submarine)
  • Chicken pesto sandwich
  • And from the sea: the bowl of Mediterranean Ahi tuna and tilapia breaded tacos.

“The newest and most popular item is this Tavern Beef Fondant,” Trizna said. “We’ve never had this before. The new menu seems to be a big success.”

To view the entire food menu, visit Chicago Street Pub website.

The Chicago Street Pub has added a cobb salad named after County Judge Will John Anderson to its regular menu. Image via Mike Trizna Courtesy to use

Typically, the Chicago Street Pub hosts live music events three days a week, unless there are events at the Rialto Square Theater.

This past weekend, the Chicago Street Pub hosted the Righteous Hillbillies. Wednesday night, Arbor Creek will perform from 7:30 p.m.

“Many touring bands contact us because of our location and our reputation as a place for original music,” Trizna said.

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