Cafeteria tender not finalized – Nipam

THE process of awarding a public catering contract has not yet been finalized.

So says Maria Nangolo, Executive Director of the Namibian Institute of Public Administration and Management (Nipam).

She said this in response to an article posted by Namibian last week, claiming that the public institution awarded this contract to Flamingo Inflight Services.

Flamingo Inflight Services is involved in the Fishrot corruption scandal and is owned by James Hatuikulipi, former justice minister Sacky Shanghala, former permanent secretary of the National Planning Commission Leevi Hungamo and former secretary to President Ndutala Angolo.

The Namibian said Flamingo Inflight Services had obtained the contract from Nipam, subject to objections.

This information is contained in a Nipam document dated September 24, which was signed by Nangolo.

The document states that Flamingo Inflight Services has been selected to provide catering services for 2021/22.

Other shortlisted companies include Welwitschia Catering and Gourmet Chef Catering.

Nangolo says the process is not yet complete, despite evidence showing that the public institution has informed Flamingo Inflight Services that it has won the contract.

“Nipam is still busy with the procurement process and no contracts have been awarded,” she said.

Sources close to the tender say the contract could be worth N $ 3 million per year depending on the number of workshops held at Nipam.

They also say that anyone who rents the cafeteria could additionally generate between N $ 300,000 and N $ 400,000 per year through corporate functions and events.

Nangolo disputes this.

She says Nipam has never made budget arrangements for this in the past or in its current operating budget.

The Namibian reported in April that Nipam’s contracts had been canceled over fears of possible collusion between two senior executives and other allegations, such as favoritism.

Nangolo denies it too.

“The cancellation was due to a technical problem. In addition, Nipam’s executive committee is not currently made up of the numbers put forward in the article, and it should be noted that the purchasing management unit does not consist of any exco members, ”she said.

She says that Nipam’s procurement management unit follows the structure contained in the procurement law.

The Namibian reported earlier this year that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) was investigating the disappearance of N $ 4.1 million intended to purchase drought relief food for needy Namibians in 2016.

ACC investigations revealed that most of the N $ 4.1 million ended up in Flamingo Inflight Services’ bank account.

“To create an association with Nipam in the scenario is misleading,” says Nangolo.

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