Businesses display signs, welcoming firearms into their stores

WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Under New York’s new gun regulations that went into effect over the summer, firearms are effectively prohibited in private businesses unless they are are clearly marked with a sign.

At Big Apple Music in Watertown, it’s hard to miss the sign that owner Bobby Ferris put up.

“So the sign we posted there has to be in line with the Governor’s new CCIA Improvement Act. We put that there so people who normally carry in our store know they can still do without being arrested,” Ferris said.

Ferris says he has opposed the regulations since their introduction, believing they punish law-abiding citizens.

“To me that was a dumb law and it won’t do anything. Now what he’s doing is people seeing a sign and they think everyone in this store is now carrying a gun and this is not the case,” Ferris said.

Ferris has the sign for now, but ultimately aims for it to fall.

Recently, Jefferson County lawmakers, including Ferris himself, passed legislation formally protesting the state’s gun laws.

“The goal is to roll back the law period. The whole law,” Ferris said.

Ferris isn’t the only business owner to put up a sign. Jeff Shannon of KDM Customs has had his for a few weeks now. He even prints more for anyone who wants some.

“I just believe the government is trying to take away everyone’s rights. One way we can do that as a business owner is to protect the Second Amendment right by allowing people who are legally transporting to continue to practice on the premises,” Shannon said.

Shannon says about a dozen companies have already received signs from him and he expects more in the future.

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