Bourdain Italian Sausage Co. serves up a limited-time sandwich you literally have to race to acquire

The Bourdain Special which runs until tomorrow. // Photo by Patrick Moore

After love the Italian Sausage Company collaboration with James Chang, I knew I wanted to go back. Jhe collaboration with James Chang will soon be a permanent feature on the menu. It’s good that it’s permanent because people know me as the guy who wrote about a sandwich that quickly ceased to exist. When they talk about it, I usually get stoned, so I laugh and hope they stop talking about it. It mostly works.

I got this information about the permanent menu update from the other co-owner, Michelle Brancato, a partner in every way with Joe Brancato. Joe does all the amazing things with homemade Italian food and sausages. Michelle was working the counter when I arrived, helping another employee get ready and answering the phone.

Two separate customers were upset that they were out of chocolate chip cookies. These are adults who felt discouraged because they ran out of delicious treats. Turns out someone bought 4 dozen orders. I suspect that this person may be out to commit a criminal act, but that is not for me to decide. They also serve Betty Rae’s ice cream, so it’s the best consolation prize ever. Especially for adult babies.

Picture 6830

Number 3. // Photo by Patrick Moore

The reason I returned to this restaurant in Gladstone in the rain is that I saw an instagram Publish. In honor of Anthony Bourdain’s birthday week, they recreated his favorite sandwich. This version has smoked pork, provolone, stone ground mustard on top, garlic aioli on the bottom, all between a lovely soft and airy sourdough bun.

I can’t tell you how delicious this sandwich was. It’s my job as a food writer to do that, but as a pot writer: “nomnomnom” is about the best I can do. It gave me a huge smile, it made me feel like Heath Ledger from The black Knight after eating it at an unsettling rate.

Anthony Bourdain was a hero for me, as he was for so many others. It sucks that he’s gone. But I think he would like it: a portion of the proceeds will go to Healing House KC, and it will only be available until Saturday June 25th. [That’s tomorrow. Tomorrow!]

Michelle also insisted that I try another sandwich. If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I will always say yes to two sandwiches. It is a codified law.

She asked me if I wanted to try the most popular one which is Le Number 7, or if I wanted to try his favorite. I defaulted to master. Number 3 features bologna, prosciutto, pancetta, fresh mozzarella, roasted sweet red peppers, arugula, Calabrian chili cream and warm honey, all on Italian seed bread.

“Do you like spicy?” Michelle asks.

She doesn’t need an answer, because she can see the answer in my eyes. Again, I’m pretty stoned. It’s possible I just said an answer here, but can’t remember. Suppose I simply said yes with my gorgeous blue eyes. Whether my eyes are blue or not is irrelevant. Nobody needs to know.

This is one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a while. This is definitely the top 5 sandwiches in town. The crazy combination of hot honey and Calabrian peppers balances out really well. I’m so in love with this sandwich I wish I was buried in Calabrian chilli cream, please. Thanks. This is a legally binding statement.

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