BMC cap on marriage, other functions opposed to Bhubaneswar

A day after Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) imposed a cap on the number of attendees at weddings, funerals and other functions, hundreds of members of the catering services, Tent House, Flower, DJ Light and Sound Association on Tuesday held a demonstration in the city.

Members of the association gheraoed BMC headquarters to protest revised guidelines that limit the number of participants at weddings, wire ceremonies and funerals to 50. During the demonstration, members of the association also blocked the main road demanding the immediate withdrawal of the BMC order. .

“When Covid-19 was at its peak, we strictly followed all state government guidelines. Later, we held a protest in Lower PMG when our business and livelihood started to be affected. Following this, the government allowed 250 guests to receptions and social gatherings. However, BMC yesterday issued new guidelines and imposed a cap of 50 people, which is absolutely not justified, ”said one protester.

Another protester said: “We oppose the BMC order because, following the directive from the CBC, we had started taking advances from customers. Now it is hardly possible for us to reimburse the money we have used for the purchase of items to organize the events.

Members of the association said there are more than 20 Lakh families who make a living by rendering their services in the restaurant, tent, DJ Sound and Light across the state.

“In shopping malls and other public places, hundreds of people are allowed to congregate. We oppose BMC’s decision because it directly affects our lives, ”said the member of the association.

Meanwhile, BMC officials could not be contacted about this.

(Edited by Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty)

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