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Fall officially arrives tomorrow. That should mean cooler temperatures, falling leaves and shorter days, but in our case we always have the warmer weather, mosquitoes and those pesky flies that love to spill blood.

Soon it will be time to release those wonderful fall recipes like soups, stews, roast meats, and any dessert that has an apple or pumpkin in it. I look forward to the restaurants that serve these delicious and creative fall dishes.

Every year for six decades, all Hancock / Moore families have come together in central Illinois at Fox Ridge State Park in Charleston. It is a beautiful park with a brick shelter where one can cool off in the shade, warm up by the brick fireplace and stay dry in the rain showers. Nothing prevents us from getting together, even COVID.

Last year Dave, my daughter Kelly and I met two of my cousins ​​at the shelter. Only five members of a large family attended. Why? I promised my Aunt Marie Hancock on her deathbed that our family would continue to meet regardless. A little request from someone who was so special to me.

Fall is also a time when parents and students travel to and from colleges. If you are going south for a weekend, I recommend stopping in Tuscola. Of course, you can shop at the outlets, but take the time to head into the village and try Flesor’s Candy Kitchen. It’s a quaint cafe, soda fountain, and candy store.

Flesor’s is located on the corner of Main and Sale in downtown Tuscola. A luxurious brick building with “Coca-Cola 5 cents” painted on the side. Inside, the walls are lined with magnificent walnut cupboards and stained glass windows. The cafe has quaint wooden booths, a glass display case filled with homemade sweets, and a soda fountain that takes us all back in time, if only for a few hours.

The soda bar is covered in marble; the stools are made of wood and metal.

Co-owner Ann and Devon Flesor are the granddaughters of a Greek immigrant who decided to restore their grandfather’s 1901 confectionery.

Several years ago they made significant changes to their historic building. They have now grown, having three dining rooms and changing their menu. Daily specials include country ham and beans, meatloaf, lasagna, chicken and noodles, and a pork loin in a honey mustard crust. These are just a few of the items on their menu.

They’ve turned the room next door into a backyard candy kitchen, a library where you can borrow or swap a large selection of books, many beautiful old rooms, and a small room for private gatherings. The old popcorn machine is now located in their annex.

Dave, Kelly and I stopped to say hello to Ann and treat each other with ice cream. Dave ordered a chocolate shake made in an old-fashioned malt mixer and served in a metal container. Kelly ordered a chocolate turtle ice cream cone and I tried the buttery pecan. Just one scoop was enough to savor the rich, buttery pecan flavors loaded with pecan halves.

Their homemade sweets are out of this world. It’s better than Fannie May’s! The rich and creamy turtles, hand dipped apricots, caramel apples, chocolate coated cherries and chocolate bark are all homemade and hand dipped with fine Swiss chocolate.

They also make their homemade ice cream for their sodas, malts and sundaes. There is absolutely no skimping at all!

The cafe serves a wide variety of dishes, including daily specials.

They are open every day from 7 am to 5 pm and breakfast is served from 7 am to 10 am; lunch from 11 am to 3 pm; treats and soda fountains are available throughout the day.

If you can’t go or if you’ve been there and want more, online ordering is now available! Call and they will ship your orders during the cooler months.

We go to Tuscola as often as possible. I really enjoyed seeing Ann and heading back to the kitchen to watch Devon swirl sweet treats in melted chocolate. I love the food they cook – the staff are quick and the candy and soda fountain is to die for. It is one of my favorite places to visit. I know you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Flesor’s Candy Kitchen is located at 101 West Sale Street, Tuscola. Call 217-253-3753 or visit them online at

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