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Bar Conte is an ode to one of our favorite neon red cocktails and to Count Camillo Negroni, the count, adventurer and gin lover. The Earl, legend has it, invented the Negroni while trying to make his Americano a bit boozier one fateful afternoon in a London bar at the dawn of the Roaring Twenties.

Negroni enthusiasts are a special group, and Bar Conte co-owner Raffaelle Lombard is one of them. A dedicated Negroni and aperitivo bar in Sydney has been his dream for over a decade.

“Negroni is my favorite drink,” he explains. “And [it] since I was a young man growing up in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. It’s bitter, strong and pure, the ultimate drink before dinner. We felt it deserved its own dedicated bar.

At Bar Conte, you’ll find an extensive list of 20 variations of Negroni, made with premium Australian and Italian vermouths. Start with the Count’s OG concoction, the “Negroni Classico 1919” made with Campari, Cinzano 1757 and Tanqueray.

When you’re ready to advance your love of the bright red drink, there’s Negronis whiskey and bourbon; there is a version made with Pinot Grigio called “Bicicletta”, a mezcal Negroni, and even a chocolate Negroni made with chocolate liqueur. Beyond the Negroni, you’ll find a list of classic cocktails and Italian wines.

For dining, a menu of Negroni-themed, Negroni-friendly snacks and small plates to share has been put together by chef and co-owner, Steve De Vecchi (ex-The Apollo). Think appellation oysters with Negroni vinaigrette (obviously), Negroni-infused salumi and fluffy homemade focaccia to soak up the booze. Heartiest dishes include gnocchi sorrentina and marinated eggplant caprino.

Lombard’s wife, Victoria Hampshire, is behind the ultra-charming design of Bar Conte. It’s F. Scott Fitzgerald meets Italian adventurer, with dark red walls and bottle green and brass accents.

Image credit: Steven Woodburn

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