AVC May Outsource Its Catering Services | New

LANCASTER – District administrators at Antelope Valley Community College unanimously agreed at the June 14 board meeting to authorize the district to enter into negotiations with Irvine-based PFD Management Inc. PFD assumes control of cafeteria catering operations.

AV College previously contracted out catering services in 2018. That contract expired in August 2020 when college campuses were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The district sought proposals for food service operations through advertised competitive offers from qualified suppliers.

PFD Management has managed over 30 locations over the past 16 years and has provided different catering programs based on each location, according to a letter from CEO / Founder Eric Pak.

The Company offers to offer AV College a full range of catering services, concession menu items and a variety of catering menus, including breakfast, deli, grill, hot dishes, soup day and a variety of selection menus, according to his proposal.

PFD management expects to have approximately four full-time and six part-time employees for AV College. This includes a managerial position, sous chef, grill chef and preparatory cook, depending on the proposal.

The Lancaster campus of AV College has fully reopened as of June 28, and the Palmdale Center is expected to resume in-person and virtual services from Tuesday,

The fall semester is scheduled to start August 16.

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