Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House offers Indian dishes with halal meat

Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House offers delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian dishes to its customers.

EAST WINDSOR, NEW JERSEY, USA, June 9, 2022 / — Indian dishes have become very popular foods among many people on these coasts. There’s just something about the delicious, creamy, natural Indian cuisine that appeals so much to everyone. Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House is located at the Royal Plaza Shopping Center, 510 US-130 East Windsor, NJ 08520. The restaurant offers quality New Jersey South Asian cuisine. This Indian restaurant serves a variety of popular Indian dishes that have attracted large audiences all over the world. However, the restaurant also serves Pakistani dishes. All in all, anyone visiting the establishment can order a variety of delicious and juicy dishes that they like.

One of the appeals of Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House is that it offers many varieties for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The prices of the dishes are also attractive, which is likely to please customers. For starters, there are several variations of the Samosa snack. Samosa is a kind of baked pastry with a filling made from vegetarian or non-vegetarian ingredients. Asian Halal makes it a point to provide both types. While the Vegetarian Samosa is $1.49, the Chicken Samosa is $1.99. Few dishes in Indian cuisine are as popular as butter chicken. It has become something of a cornerstone of Indian cuisine all over the world. One of the reasons for its great popularity is the creamy texture and the unique, delicious taste that the dish offers.

Butter chicken can also be prepared quite easily. The main ingredient behind the dish’s unique hue is definitely the tomato. Butter chicken calls for a healthy dose of tomatoes and butter. Other spices are also in order and in many restaurants a generous dose of heavy cream is also added, which brightens up the texture of the dish. Asian Halal serves their version of Butter Chicken, titled Chicken Makhani, which costs $11.99. A much appreciated initiative of the restaurant is the decision to prepare all non-vegetarian dishes in the restaurant with halal meat. This is to ensure that people following the Islamic faith can also enjoy the non-vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House also provides catering services for various events. You have the choice between three different menu options. All menu options feature an appetizer section with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The main course also includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with sides and dips such as a separate salad bar, raita and chutney. A raita is a form of accompaniment made from yogurt and vegetables, fruits or sweets. The options only increase with the higher price of menu options per person. For foodie customers, the restaurant also offers a ton of different Indian sweet dishes on its dining menu such as kheer, gajar (carrot) halwa, gulab jamun, mango custard, zarda and more.

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