Appointment of new openings editor at H&C News

By Denis Sheehan, Editor, H&C News: Appointed New Openings Editor at H&C News.

If my inbox is anything to go by, there’s a plethora of new hotel openings, especially in London. Despite all the challenges hospitality has faced and overcome in recent years, our industry’s tenacious approach to developing new businesses still shines bright.

The willingness of entrepreneurs to launch new businesses adding to the extraordinary mix of home options for consumers deserves applause and recognition. That’s why we appointed a “New Openings Editor” to allow us to do just that.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Majella Taylor, aka Pavlova & Cream, to the H&C News family. Majella Taylor née O’Connell is well known in the industry through Pavlova & Cream, as well as on social media at the Institute of Hospitality, Houston & Hawkes, and many others.

Taylor will be set to investigate new openings with one specific goal, people.

  • Who created the concept behind the opening?
  • Who were the people who developed the idea and brought it to life?
  • How was the team now working on the opening formed?
  • What are the career development opportunities available to the people who make up the team?

If you have an opening and would like Majella to attend and learn more about the people who made it possible, email our “New Openings Editor” and invite her. [email protected]

There are many more openings than days of the week currently, so please understand that Majella cannot attend all of them.

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