American Airlines business class passenger finds bugs in food

American Airlines is facing questions regarding a passenger’s unpleasant dining experience on one of its transatlantic flights. The traveler took to social media to recount the details of the incident, sharing a video of the meal and prompting a response from the airline and many others.

Insects in the salad

An American Airlines passenger recently took to Twitter to complain about finding bugs in his meal salad. Ricky James tweeted that he paid $10,000 for a business class round trip on an AA flight between Frankfurt (FRA) and Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), but was unhappy with the quality service on the flight.


In the video James posted, tiny black specks can be seen inside his packed salad, which was part of a larger business class meal. Upon close inspection, the particles can be seen moving around inside the leafy lettuce, as seen through the clear plastic wrap.

James was also a little taken aback by the reaction of the flight crew, who he claims “laughed and asked me if I wanted another salad”.

Near the end of the video, James zooms in on his boarding pass, which shows the date of the incident as June 2.

American Airlines is investigating the incident

Sensing the gravity of the situation, American reacted to James’ tweet the same day, posting, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will send it to the right team for further review.

The post received numerous comments from Twitter users, with one suggesting that American reimburse the $10,000 James spent on the tickets. The airline responded to various media regarding the incident, saying:

“We are concerned about this report because what the client describes does not meet our standards. We are investigating this matter and working directly with our catering supplier in Frankfurt. A member of our team contacted the customer to apologize and inquire about their experience.

When James was asked on Twitter if American had contacted him, he replied that he had received a call from the airline representative. Simple Flying has also reached out to the airline for comment and will update if they have anything new to add.

American Airlines responded that it was reviewing the incident. Photo: Getty Images

The strict response of Americans in the past

American Airlines is probably busy trying to uncover the source of the surveillance and, judging by past incidents, doesn’t take something like this lightly. In 2017, the carrier stopped using Gate Gourmet catering services for flights departing from LAX after traces of Listeria bacteria were found in their facility.

The carrier allowed the caterer to serve again after working extensively with outside food safety experts to ensure that any re-entry into their kitchen at LAX met strict food safety standards.

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