ACE survey shows lower sales in Christmas dinner bookings, better New Years results

Semira Abbas Shalan

Wednesday 5 January 2022, 08:20
Last updated: about 58 minutes ago

The surveys of overall restaurant sales during the Christmas period were lower than in 2020, especially with regard to Christmas Eve dinners, said the secretary of the Catering Establishments Association. , Matthew Pace, at The Malta Independent.

The survey showed that 70% of restaurants reported a week of sales less than 2020 while 89% said sales for the same week were lower than in 2019, mainly due to the many cancellations due to the increase. of Covid-19 cases, Pace said.

4% of companies in the restaurant business have decided not to open on Christmas Day due to massive reservations cancellations, he added.

“Despite this, New Years Eve and New Years’ Day turned out to be much more positive compared to Christmas week, and this is mainly due to the fact that despite the increase in positive cases, the vaccine is has been shown to be very effective with a much lower hospital and ITU cases have been reported due to our high vaccination rate, ”Pace said.

He added that the allegedly low number of cases in hospitals and ITU has rekindled a sense of comfort among the public. “Contrary to expectations, restaurants this year almost matched 2020 sales for the same holiday dates,” Pace said.

Pace said that as an association the investigation for New Years Eve and New Years bookings is still ongoing, however, there is generally a more positive impression compared to the previous week. .

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