5 U.S. coffee chains are adopting 100% plant-based breakfast sandwiches

While coffee giants like Dunkin’, Starbucks and Tim Hortons have gradually embraced more vegan options over the past few years, these items have largely been limited to dairy-free milks and the occasional plant-based sausage. Today, a growing number of smaller American chains are taking the initiative to offer consumers all-vegan versions of breakfast favorites, including bacon, sausage, eggs and cheese. Here we feature some of the most notable names leading this trend:

1. Peet’s Cafe

Peet’swhich operates more than 200 locations in 11 states, first introduced the all-plant-based sandwich as a limited-time offer in early 2021. But the item, which includes a Beyond sausage with an egg JUST folded and melted vegan cheddar, was a phenomenal success. the channel added it permanently one year later. According to Peet’s, the sandwich is the second best-selling hot breakfast item.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Beyond Meat and JUST Egg to bring Peetniks a delicious breakfast sandwich made with only plant-based ingredients,” said Lori Fulmer, senior manager of food R&D at Peet’s. “As consumers continue to demand more plant-based options, we’ve expanded beyond dairy alternatives, setting our sights on a plant-based breakfast sandwich that’s not only better for the planet, but also every bite as delicious as your typical animal-based breakfast sandwich.”

©Peet’s Cafe

2. Gregory’s cafe

This popular channel operates 38 locations along the East Coast and offers an impressive selection of all-vegan breakfast sandwiches, including the Beyond Flex (Beyond sausage galette, JUST Egg, onion jam, pepper jack cheese, chipotle sauce) and the Vegan Burrito (Beyond sausage, JUST Egg, Daiya Cheddar, potatoes).

Recently, the chain launched two new innovations: a plant-based version of its Deluxe sausage and egg croissant sandwich, and the Vegan BEC, featuring OZO black peppercorn bacon, JUST Egg and smoked vegan provolone.

Vegan Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich
©Gregory’s cafe


This ‘Instagram-famous’ LA chain added the PBBS – Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwich – to its lineup in May, described as a modern take on the traditional breakfast, featuring Impossible Sausage, JUST Egg and Violife Cheddar on a bun with vegan potatoes. Alfred is known as an ultra– a trendy cafe frequented by celebrities, with more than a dozen locations in California, Texas, the Middle East and Japan.

“Alfred is more than just a cafe – it has captured the eating and drinking zeitgeist in the age of social media,” said Dan Greene, Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales at Impossible Foods. . “We are thrilled to see Impossible Sausage Made From Plants on their menu, giving their customers a taste of the breakfast sausage while reinforcing the cafe’s status as a pioneer in the food and drink scene.”

Alfred Impossible Breakfast Sandwich

4. Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

Although it does not serve breakfast sandwiches, Jack’s Stir Brew – a New York-based organic coffeehouse chain – offers a 100% vegan bakery menu, with a rotating/seasonal menu of homemade cookies, muffins, scones and specialties like apple cider donuts and blueberry croissants. According to the chain, it serves 50,000 people a week at 10 locations in Manhattan and eastern Long Island.

©Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

5. Cafe Philz

A Bay Area favorite, Philz Cafe continued to expand to major cities in Southern California, as well as Chicago and Washington, DC. Philz reportedly doesn’t charge extra for non-dairy milk and in 2021 it partnered with Beyond Meat to launch the Philz Plant Powered Sandwich, featuring a Beyond breakfast patty, JUST Egg and Daiya cheese. Currently, the availability of the sandwich appears to be limited to California.

© Philz Coffee

Honorable Mention: Café Caribou

In May 2022, Caribou Coffee – with over 400 locations in the United States – announced the launch of its first vegan breakfast sandwich – the Flatbread with roasted tomatoes and pesto JUST. Although it launched as part of the chain’s all-day breakfast menu, the item was a limited-time seasonal offering, and Caribou has yet to say whether the flatbread will return.

Caribou Coffee Flatbread
©Café Caribou

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