5 Best Cakes in Oklahoma City, OK

Below is a list of the best cakes in Oklahoma City. To help you find the best cakes located near you in Oklahoma City, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

The best cakes in Oklahoma City:

The top rated cakes in Oklahoma City, OK are:

  • Ganache pastry – is Oklahoma City’s first European-style cafe
  • The Bistro Baguette – they only serve the greatest cuisine at cost price
  • Quincy bakery – is a home bakery in downtown Oklahoma City
  • Bakery business in the sun – is to provide tasty and fresh baked goods
  • The cold stone creamery – also offers a variety of gourmet desserts for every occasion

Ganache pastryCakes in Oklahoma City

Ganache pastry is Oklahoma City’s first European-style cafe, serving fresh meals, drinks, and desserts daily. Their delicious cakes and croissants are popular with customers. From the bread to the condiments of your sandwich, everything is handmade. Customers love their tasty meal choices any time of the day or night.

Ganache Patisserie offers a calm, warm and clean environment in which you can have a delicious drink while surfing the web using their free Wi-Fi. Come in and indulge yourself with a delicious pastry, a world-class quiche or a refreshing salad. They have a cafe bar where you can create your drink with a variety of tastes.


Menu, Catering


Address: 13230 Pawnee Dr # 114, Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Telephone: 405-286-4068
Website: www.ganacheokc.com


“I went to the Ganache pastry shop and each of us had a pastry. Everything was of very good quality, obviously made with real butter. The tart had a good amount of blueberries, the chocolate used for the brioche and croissant was very tasty. Definitely worth a visit ”

Bistro La BaguetteBest Cakes in Oklahoma City

Bistro La Baguette, Alain and Michel Buthion owned it. La Baguette Bistro offers its own bakery with a wide selection of delicious delicacies baked daily, as well as a warmly lit restaurant bordered by an art gallery featuring Oklahoma artists.

They only serve the finest cuisine at prices designed to delight their consumers on every visit. Chef Alain is in charge of the piece de resistance, while Michel brings his distinctive touch to each table, as well as his talented and well-trained workforce focused on attentive personalized service.


Menus, Bakery, Events, Buthion Fine Food & Wine Shop


Address: 7408 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Telephone: 405-840-3047
Website: www.labaguettebistro.com


“Always a great experience every time I come here. The food, drinks and service are always top notch. Dinner specials are always worth it if it’s something you like ”- Cindy A.

Quincy bakery Oklahoma City Cakes

Quincy bakery is a central Oklahoma City homemade bakery that combines classic flavors in an inventive and unique way using premium products. From one-time custom orders to daily wholesale orders, they take delight in their delicious product, consistency, and customer happiness. Their mission is to make others happy. They are here to make your next celebration one to remember, from weddings and birthdays to everyday accomplishments.


Cakes, Confectionery, Breakfast Pastry


Address: 1235 NW 38th St Suite 010, Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Telephone: 405-724-7038
Website: www.quincybakeshop.com


“Quince pastries are a treasure. I have tried several and recently sat down to enjoy a lemon bar and coffee in the available lounge area. The seats are comfortable and tastefully presented with unique features. If you’re looking for amazing pastries and great people, stop by Bradford House and have a Quincy treat ”- Brittini J.

Bakery business in the sunGood Cakes in Oklahoma City

Bakery business in the sun is made up of a team passionate about people with special needs as well as delicious pastries. They want to see everyone’s life improved by instilling a sense of community and providing wonderful meals that bring people together. Every day, their staff come to bake every cookie, croissant, cookie and brownie from scratch.

They take pleasure in spending the time to make sure that every treat you enjoy has a homemade flavor. The goal of Sunshine Baking Company is to provide tasty and fresh baked goods while providing people with special needs the opportunity to work in an environment that encourages a rewarding experience for all.


Pastries, Desserts, Cakes & Cupcakes


Address: 7705 S Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139
Telephone: 405-673-7775
Website: www.sunshinebakingco.com


“Yes, I know they ate a little and must have taken a few bites before an honest exam. Really enjoyed the food here, the frittata was delicious and good flavor, the croissant was really light and tasty, now the cookie was so delicious. Last but not least the cinnamon roll, oh my god it’s amazingly good to come back to pick up more treats “- Joshua S.

The cold stone creameryOne of the best cakes in Oklahoma City

The cold stone creamery has been offering the biggest and freshest ice cream creations, cakes, shakes and smoothies for 30 years. They use only the finest ingredients and prepare your bespoke ice cream creation on a frozen granite stone. Each store’s ice cream is handcrafted and fresh.

They are delighted to provide you with their premium ice cream, which is brewed from the finest ingredients and mixed to order in their frozen granite store with your choice of candy, cakes, fruit or nuts. Cold Stone Creamery also offers a variety of gourmet desserts for every occasion.


Ice Creams, Cakes, Drinks, Yogurt & Sorbet


Address: 315 S MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73128
(405) 782-0738


“The cakes are delicious. I ordered a cake for my sister’s birthday, she loved it. Customer service was excellent, they were patient and kind ”- Irma A.

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