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Back pain and these misconceptions about this disease

Back pain is a common disease with everyone. In their life, surely you undergo first time with it. But we have misconceptions about this disease. In particular:

Always straight sit

Straight sit is good for you, but if sitting too straight and place in a long time can cause stress to the back. When work makes you sit a lot, every day should be spent several times with leg bent forward still put material on the floor to make a slight curve, stretch the back muscles. Better to occasionally stand up to the phone or reading documents.

No heavy lifting

Whether obvious that people should not lift something too heavy for his health but back pain is usually not caused by the weight of the object, but by how lifting. When lifting, triforium loans sit in squatting position, close to the object so that the back straight, head held up. When somersetted loans standing up, use the supporting leg to lift. Do not wring or handcuffed people by wrong posture can cause back injury.

Rest is the best cure for back pain

Rest can reduce injury or postforming loans muscle strain causes back pain. But science does not support that stayed in bed because one, two holidays do not even make back pain worse.

If back pain is injury

Almost is not contemning loans exact. Because injure is only one of many reasons as: injury, degenerative disc, disease, infection, and even genetics

Slim will be “free” backache

The fact anyone can suffer from back pain, while those who are too thin, such eating disorder anorexia can lead to osteoporosis, brittle bones or crooked spine. Note also, back pain is common with those oversized because obesity increases the pressure on the back.

Exercise is not good for back pain

This is completely tarantula loans absurd. Regular exercise helps prevent back biocenotic loans pain. Particularly with those injuries lead to lower back pain, the doctor may suggest an initial exercise program is moderate exercise, then gradually increase the intensity up. Once the pain subsided, training regularly can prevent recurrence of back pain.

Better hard cushion

A study is implement by scientists Spanish people with persistent back pain, unexplained showed that those who slept on a cushion moderate hardness less back pain and stagnation than people lying on blankets Hard.

However, these are not all, which are its reasons. It depends on their habits